Mounting clips

Clip Panel 16 mm

9,00 Excl. Tax
26,00 Excl. Tax
84,00126,00 Excl. Tax
72,75145,50 Excl. Tax
46,00 Excl. Tax


ExpoFloor White

36,90 Excl. Tax
46,00 Excl. Tax

Display spots

META 25 External 3000k

110,00134,00 Excl. Tax

Display spots

NOVI 50 – 4000K

179,00227,00 Excl. Tax
440,00 Excl. Tax

Display spots

LUMI 30 – 3000K

146,00195,00 Excl. Tax
168,00 Excl. Tax
450,00 Excl. Tax


Exposupply is a supplier for the stand construction and event industry throughout Europe (and beyond) with high-quality products. The company has its origins in stand construction and was started by the need for good solutions for high-quality floor applications and the search for high-quality LED lighting.

Exposupply is part of the Expo Group, which has been in the business of stand construction for 25 years. Since the roots lie in stand construction (with our sister company Expo Team), we can easily put ourselves in the position of the stand builder in order to be able to understand the problems and challenges. Exposupply translates this knowledge and experience into a complete range of products for the stand construction and events industry. Development and production take place under our own supervision, enabling Exposupply to offer high-quality products at an affordable price.

Exposupply is active in more than 25 countries. We are, of course, enthusiastic about our products and this is also experienced by our customers worldwide.

Stand construction companies can easily place orders via this webshop. If you need a login account, you can request the details from the sales department.

This webshop contains the most relevant product details for the products that are offered. If you need more detailed information about the products and applications, you can find it on Here you can also find relevant background information and examples of the applications of the products.